Breath Mastery: 8-Hour Personal Coaching with Dennis Huizenga


Experience transformational breathing techniques with Dennis Huizenga. In secure Zoom video sessions, benefit from 8 intensive hours of personalized guidance tailored to your unique situation. Reduce stress, enhance focus, and find inner calm as Dennis adapts his expertise to your needs.


Dive deep into the power of controlled breathing with our ‘Breath Mastery’ coaching program, personally led by the esteemed Dennis Huizenga. Over the course of this intensive 8-hour personalized guidance, Dennis will share with you the core principles of effective breathing techniques. With over two decades of unparalleled experience, he is dedicated to assisting you in identifying and breaking free from unhealthy breathing patterns. Whether your goal is achieving inner calm, heightened focus, reducing stress, or anxiety, this program is meticulously crafted to help you unlock your full breathing potential. With Dennis at your side, take a deep breath, let go, and rediscover the peace and strength that lies within.

The Coaching Process

1. Intake: Upon registration, you will be directed to a comprehensive online intake form. Depending on individual circumstances, we might schedule your first session even before you complete this form. We prioritize understanding your unique needs from the get-go.

2. Online Video Meetings: Your sessions with Dennis take place via secure online video meetings. During your first session, he will conduct an in-depth assessment of your current breathing patterns, pinpointing areas that need attention. After understanding your needs, Dennis will swiftly provide tailored exercises for you to practice daily, leading up to the next session.

3. Flexible Session Duration: While many sessions typically span 1 hour, the duration can vary based on your unique needs and the progress you’ve made. It’s our priority to provide the precise amount of guidance you require at each stage of your journey.

4. Adaptation & Progress: Each session provides an opportunity to assess and recalibrate, ensuring that your exercises evolve with your progress. This adaptive approach guarantees consistent growth towards optimal breathing.

5. Scheduling & Follow-up: After every session, we’ll lock in a date and time for our next meet. Every step is methodically planned, ensuring your continuous progress towards breathing mastery.

Upon purchasing a session or package, our team will promptly reach out to schedule your first session, kickstarting your transformative journey.


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